From the lab to the clinic, and beyond.

Using cyber science to change lives.

HarborLabs brings together specialists from across the computer sciences to deliver trusted answers and insights to today’s critical challenges. We take a full lifecycle approach because technology does not exist in a vacuum.

0ur principles

These core principles drive what we do, every day.

img about 1 CYBERSCI

Cyber Science

We use our comprehensive hardware and software experience to provide trusted solutions and unbiased insights, with a specialization in medical devices, healthcare systems, and other critical technologies.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our experience in the complete medical technology regulatory lifecycle — from design to approval to postmarket — allows us to anticipate and answer unforeseen challenges.

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Independent Advice

Our responsibility is to advocate for technologies and systems that make lives better — working with reputable companies to support responsible discovery, disclosure, and resolution.


Today’s leading organizations trust our experts.

Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Department of Justice
Latham & Watkins LLP
Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings extensive experience from academia and practical technical applications along with real-world credibility to our client projects.

Comprehensive, from the lab to the field, and beyond.

Interested in joining the experts?

We’re always looking for that special blend of intellectual and practical, experts driven by passion and process. Is that you?
Current Openings

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img about job openings
Learn more about our experts and how we’re bringing our passion and process to support brighter outcomes.
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Discover issues hiding in your device firmware.
Find out how your vulnerability scores add up.
Medical Device
Your device delivers healthier outcomes. With HarborLabs, it will do it securely.
Healthcare IT
Healthcare IT system security and regulations are a big lift. An experienced partner by your side can help make it lighter.
Technical Litigation
There are practical cyber experts and there are experienced Alternative Legal Service Providers. HarborLabs is the best of both worlds.